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Patient Safety Can Lower Healthcare Costs


Healthcare costs have been on the rise, and this important issue has led to a number of different lawmakers suggesting different methods of trying to curtail the problem. Political leaders often blame medical malpractice lawsuits as major contributors to higher healthcare costs, with many legislators making “tort reform” a key part of their campaigns.

However, attorney David C. Rash recently weighed in on this issue and argued for something different—focusing more on increasing patient safety by removing lawsuit protections from doctors rather than making it more difficult for patients who are wronged or harmed to obtain justice they deserve. In an editorial penned for the Miami Herald, Attorney Rash writes “Defensive medicine? How about safe medicine? This community should expect and deserves safe medicine.”

Attorney Rash took particular issue with an article written by Dr. Ira Jacobson, which was published back on January 4th. Dr. Jacobson argued that healthcare could be fixed by targeting “greedy” and “frivolous” medical malpractice suits. However, Attorney Rash points out that the alleged “medical malpractice crisis” often cited by tort reform supporters, has been found by the Florida Supreme Court to have no supporting evidence whatsoever!

In fact, Attorney Rash points out that quite the opposite is true. He writes: “Doctors in Florida, and most other states, have always received special interest protections from legislatures, including laws that not only make malpractice lawsuits extremely onerous and expensive for victims and their survivors, but also that limit the damages recovered.”

So rather than focus on the medical malpractice suits, which exist purely to protect the victims of negligent behavior, Attorney Rash argues that we should instead focus on increasing patient safety by holding these doctors accountable in the community. “The Seventh Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right to a jury trial. Why should doctors get special treatment? No other profession does,” he said, while emphasizing that a jury should decide whether or not a doctor has broken patient safety rules designed to protect patients from harm.

If you have recently been injured or suffered a new condition after being medically treated, you may be entitled to compensation. David C. Rash, P.A. may be able to assist you in pursuing this compensation through compassionate and aggressive representation. As a Florida medical malpractice attorney, Mr. Rash has helped numerous clients obtain the compensation they need and deserve after they have been wrongfully impacted by the negligence of a professional they trusted to treat them.

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