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Medical Malpractice Reforms Could Hurt Patients


Congress seems ready to move along medical malpractice reforms which put earning a profit over the safety of patients. H.R. 1215 – also known as “Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017” – is designed to cap non-economic damages at $250,000.

While it may appear to be a large sum, imagine the following scenarios in which that amount is not enough:

  • You undergo surgery and become paralyzed.
  • Your physician fails to adequately diagnose your cancer and, now, you’re faced with treatment and distress.
  • Your doctor commits a prescription error which results in fatal harm.
  • Your baby is born with the umbilical cord around his or her neck, which could have been avoided had your physician recommended a C-Section. Now, your child has a traumatic brain injury that is permanent.

In addition, this act also hinders a patient from obtaining compensation in a lump sum amount. Instead of the patient or the patient’s family receiving the full amount of their money, insurance companies would be able to hold onto the amount and benefit from interest rates.

Multiple studies have shown that medical mistakes are the third-leading cause of deaths in the United States. These reform proposals do nothing more than victimizing those who are already victims of injuries and illnesses.

If this legislation concerns you, we urge you to contact your representative.

For more information, contact our Weston medical malpractice attorney at Rash Mueller. and request a case evaluation today.

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