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We know that having a child who has suffered a birth injury can not only be heartbreaking, but it can completely change your entire family's life permanently. It is important that you and your family are able to cope financially, emotionally, and physically. We encourage you to speak with our team about pursuing a claim.

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Trusted Counsel for Over 30 Years

Giving birth is one of the most beautiful and exhilarating experiences a woman can go through in life. When you choose to go to a hospital to give birth, you expect that the doctor, nurses, and any staff involved will be responsible and operate under a high standard of care. But accidents do happen.

A few of the most common birth injury cases we handle include:

If your baby has suffered injuries during labor or the course of your pregnancy, the results can be devastating. Our team at Rash Mueller can aggressively fight on your behalf and help you seek the compensation your family deserves. We truly care about seeing that justice is served and that the medical professionals who behaved negligently are held accountable.

What Compensation Am I Owed?

You will likely be facing many years of medical expenses and a variety of other costs associated with these types of injuries. Infants who suffered birth injuries usually require long-term care and treatment, which can be a huge burden for parents. You deserve to be compensated for all costs associated with your child's birth injuries. We can help you fight for compensation to cover lifetime medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and special accommodations your child may need in the future.

Malpractice in Birth Injury Cases

Despite the technological and medical advances we have made collectively as a race over the course of hundreds and hundreds of years, birthing is still a fairly dangerous process. Even the best doctors in the world who always conduct themselves responsibly and safely may help a mother deliver an infant that is born with injuries. For this reason, you will need to prove not only that your newborn was hurt during or prior to birth, but also that a medical practitioner’s negligence was the direct cause.

Proving that malpractice played a part in your child’s birth injury is handled similarly to all other medical malpractice cases. You will need to locate and use as much physical evidence as possible to strengthen your claim. Consider using medical statements from the birth as well as records pertaining to the doctor’s and medical team’s history of mistakes. If someone was videotaping the birth, you may be able to find documented evidence of when the malpractice and injury took place.

Forms of medical malpractice that may be in your case include:

  • Twisting and pulling: An inexperienced, exhausted, or hasty doctor may mishandle a child during delivery, twisting and pulling the child dangerously, so they may exit the birth canal. Any sort of violent or aggressive motions can permanently injure an infant.
  • Mishandling equipment: In some births, medical equipment is used to assist the mother. Proper use of such equipment makes the process easier; improper use can cause serious harm to the mother and her child.
  • Failure to diagnose: More difficult to prove through evidence, failing to diagnose a problem with an unborn child’s health can cause them to be born with injuries or illnesses. Obstetricians must closely monitor a mother and her child up to the day of birth to avoid issues.
  • Dangerous medications: If a mother requires medication while she is pregnant or during childbirth, it must be carefully administered to avoid negatively affecting her child. Some birth injury cases involve lifelong disabilities caused by prescription medications that should have never been approved.

Liability Concerns for Your Case

Determining who is liable in your birth injury claim may be more complicated than it seems at first. While it could be obvious that a doctor’s mistakes has made them liable, it may only be partial liability. Other parties and entities may have had some responsibility for the error. If you want your claim to be successful, you will need to consider all of your options and bring the suit against the right party. You should trust in our Weston birth injury attorney to sort through the details.

People or parties that could be found liable, fully or partially, include:

  • Doctors: The simplest, most likely candidate for liability is also most often the correct one. A doctor who does not perform to the best of their abilities each and every time they assist in childbirth can be held accountable for any damage they cause the mother or her infant.
  • Nurses: Other medical professionals present during your child’s birth may be found at fault for any resulting birth injuries. If a nurse hands the doctor the wrong tool or fails to monitor the mother for abnormalities, the result could be an injury.
  • Hospitals: An entire hospital may be at fault for a birth injury if they failed to ensure that their employees are properly trained and use correct procedures to assist birthing. Failing to provide doctors with adequate facilities can also cause a hospital, which is technically a corporation, to be liable.
  • Pharmaceutical companies: In relation to dangerous medications given to pregnant mothers, pharmaceutical companies could be found liable for a birth injury if they have manufactured dangerous substances without adequately warning pharmacists.

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    When I’ve reached the right people..ur lucky to be in contact with them!! Although they couldn’t help me with my case. Leading up to the decision Lori kept in contact, showed empathy, and was straightforward with all detail! Lori told me more than my own doctors or the hospital did. I have closure because of HER! So I still won! My case was complicated to move forward due to other reasons..but she ain’t never let me down when speaking to her! She speaks to you as if she knew you forever! I appreciate this firm so much because before they say NO..they try, they listen, and they put work in!!! Thank you guys so much for everything!
    - Adrian W.
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    From the first phone conversation with Lori, to the first time meeting with David and Jeff, all the way through and to the conclusion of my case, I felt as if these people truly cared about what happened to me. They didn’t just see a potential “case”. They were upset with my situation. They wanted to help. Through the years that this whole process takes, I have gotten to know them a bit better, and they have gotten to know me. I now consider them less “my legal team”, and more a part of my extended family, whether they realize it, or like it, or not. I so appreciate their kindness, genuine compassion, and “got my back” attitude. I hope you are never in a situation to need these folks, but if you ever are, I highly recommend talking to them and seeing if it’s a right fit for all.
    - Joel F.
    "Jeff & David are very compassionate, kind & won't let you down."
    I never thought that anything would ever happen to me that would lead me to post a review about this law office. Unfortunately, I was wrong and what happened was completely unimaginable so much so that police didn’t believe it at first. I was so confused and lost because it seemed that no one believed me. I googled malpractice in Florida and this was one of the offices that popped up. I called and spoke with Lori, the paralegal, and told her everything she believed me and Jeff and David did too. Due to what happened this wasn’t going to just be a civil lawsuit but a criminal one as well. They were a huge help in working with the police to get items that would prove my criminal case and would lead to felony arrest and jail time. They were there to talk to me all throughout the criminal case. Especially, Lori she truly cared and when I was all alone feeling that I wasn’t strong enough to get through this she was always there with good and caring advice. I was with this law firm for the past 3 years and Jeff and David are very compassionate and kind. From the attorneys to the paralegal they worked very hard and did so much that they have changed my life. If you are looking for an attorney office with experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate staff. I promise they won’t let you down.
    - Tiffany S.
    "They leave no stone unturned & will make sure you know what to expect and what your rights are."
    They were great every step of the way, keeping you informed. Also, their assistants and reps are wonderful with keeping you updated and communicating between Jeff and David. They leave no stone unturned and will make sure you know what to expect and what your rights are. I am forever grateful and highly recommend them.
    - King F.
    "Wonderful team! Great group of people, very attentive to clients."
    Wonderful team! Great group of people, very attentive to clients, left us with no doubts in our process and stood by us til everything was taken care of. Would definitely recommend to others!!!
    - Jennica P.
    "Highly recommended. They are professional, accommodating, and great with communication."
    They are the best! Highly recommended. They are professional, accommodating, and great with communication. I would not go to anyone else.
    - Brandon
    "e was a godsend to us in a time of extreme duress. If you are looking for an excellent attorney, look no further. 5 STARS!"
    David Rash is the kindest and most professional lawyer we have ever worked with. He is always timely in his responses to us and incredibly thorough. His experience and intelligence in his dealings makes working with him very easy. He was a godsend to us in a time of extreme duress. If you are looking for an excellent attorney, look no further. 5 STARS!
    - Mindy A.
    "He’s a good guy and very very good at what he does!"
    I can’t thank David Rash enough for everything he has done for me! Not only did he go out of his way to make sure I got everything I deserved, David was very caring and polite. He went out of his way to keep me informed and just to check in on my health. He’s a good guy and very very good at what he does! A+! If you want someone that actually cares, go with Rash Mueller. Thanks again David.
    - Jordan

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