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Research Shows 25% of Surgical Errors Caused by Technology Issues

While advances in technology have made many surgical procedures easier and less costly than ever before, it appears that technology may be the reason behind numerous errors. According to a an examination of more than 28 different published studies about operating room errors conducted by BMJ Group, roughly 25% of all surgical errors are caused by technology issues – with about half of these errors being preventable by simply adhering to a basic surgical checklist created by the World Health Organization (WHO). The analysis also revealed a direct correlation between the number of technologies and other surgical equipment pieces used within a given surgery and the number of errors reported, with technology and equipment issues being cited in an average of 15.5% of malpractice claims.

Why Is This the Case?

According to the research, the top three issues causing the mishaps included the surgeon and surgeon assistants' lack of training or knowledge, the lack of available equipment, and defective or faulty equipment.

8 of the 28 studies revealed the frequencies of these causes as follows:

  • Improper equipment and technology configuration: 43.4% of errors
  • Unavailability of necessary equipment: 37% of errors
  • Defective or otherwise faulty equipment: 33% of errors

Unfortunately, it appears that doctors can minimize most of these errors by adhering to a WHO-created safety checklist. The study found that almost 20% of the cited equipment failures resulted in major surgical issues. Despite these findings, little has been done to ensure greater accountability or adherence by doctors to a set of standardized technology safety procedures.

This study show how no matter how beneficial or life-saving certain medical technologies may seem, they still have a potential for danger. If you have suffered a surgical error due to improper use of technology or defective equipment, contact a Miami medical malpractice attorney at Rash Mueller. With more than 25 years of trial-tested experience, our tenacious advocates have what it takes to assert your rights and demand full compensation for your suffering.

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