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Medical Malpractice Lawsuits for Spinal Cord Injuries

Negligent healthcare professionals can sometimes cause a spinal cord injury because of a misdiagnosis or improper treatment. In such cases, you have the right to file a lawsuit to obtain compensation for the trauma, medical expenses, lost wages, or other consequences due to the spinal cord injury.

Spinal cord injuries can lead to lasting issues, regardless of whether someone experiences complete damage with full loss of functionality and feeling below the location of the injury, or incomplete where they retain partial function.

Common types of damage due to spinal cord injuries are:

  • Loss of sensation
  • Loss of movement
  • Loss of sexual, bladder, or other body function
  • Spasms
  • Severe pain

If you are looking to file a medical malpractice lawsuit for a spinal cord injury, hiring a lawyer who specializes in this type of claim can make a significant difference in obtaining the compensation you deserve.

How Can Medical Malpractice Cause Spinal Cord Injuries?

Spinal cord injury can result from a broad range of accidents, including whiplash after a car crash, or happen because of motor or maritime accidents. Falls can also lead to spinal cord damage. If you visit an individual physician or a medical facility for diagnosis and treatment after this type of accident, you expect to receive an accurate assessment. Left untreated, spinal cord issues can worsen and lead to increased or permanent damage.

Medical malpractice that can lead to a spinal cord injury includes:

  • Negligence at any stage of medical care
  • Failure to diagnose a spinal tumor or other medical conditions
  • Scheduling delay for a surgical procedure or other necessary treatment
  • Surgical errors, including in anesthetic administration

If possible, you should obtain copies of your medical records and keep track of every diagnostic or treatment step involved in the medical practice that caused or worsened your spinal cord injury. These elements can help when filing your lawsuit.

Hire a Reputable Injury Lawyer to File Your Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Working with an experienced attorney who specializes in injury and medical malpractice offers a wide range of benefits when you seek compensation for your spinal cord injury. They help protect your rights and their thorough understanding of legal systems and insurance companies is useful at every step of the process.

Your lawyer knows what evidence to collect, and how to file any necessary paperwork. They can also help prove that your doctor is responsible for your health condition due to misdiagnosis, medical error, or other professional negligence. If any problem was due to a faulty machine rather than a human error, they can also help determine it by reaching out to appropriate individuals and their extensive attention to detail.

When you hire a specialized attorney, they know how to effectively collaborate with financial, medical, and legal experts to prove that there was a breach in the duty of care your doctor was expected to show during your treatment.

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