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Florida Supreme Court Throws Out Caps in Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Cases


In a landmark decision on March 13, 2014, the Florida Supreme Court ruled in McCall v. United States that the Florida caps on non-economic damages in medical malpractice wrongful death cases are unconstitutional because they violated the right to equal protection under the Florida Constitution.

Using the pretext of a supposed medical malpractice insurance crisis, in 2005 the Florida Legislature to the decision out of a jury's hands and enacted caps on non-economic damages in all medical malpractice case. Now, like any other type of wrongful death case, there is no limit or cap on the non-economic damages a jury can render a verdict for in wrongful death medical malpractice cases. It still remains to be seen whether the Florida Supreme Court will similarly hold unconstitutional the non-economic damage in medical malpractice cases were the victim was injured and did not die.

This decision by the Florida Supreme Court protects innocent families of people killed as a result of medical malpractice by providing the jury with the power to enforce justice when healthcare providers choose to violate the safety rules of medicine.

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