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What Should I Do if a Truck Tire Blowout Hits My Car?

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Being involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle can be overwhelming and confusing. If you were the victim of a tractor-trailer truck accident involving a tire blowout, you are likely feeling uncertain about what to do next. Knowing the facts about the situation can help ensure your rights are protected during this difficult time. Read on for information about what to do if you were the victim of a tractor-trailer accident involving a tire blowout.

What to Do if a Tractor-Trailer Truck Tire Blowout Hits Your Vehicle

If you’re involved in a tractor-trailer truck accident that was caused by a truck tire blowout, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. In addition, if you’re able at the time or as soon as possible after the fact, you should document your injuries. This is because if you need to file a truck accident injury claim in the future, whether you documented your injuries or not could play a crucial role in deciding your case.

You should also try to gather as much evidence as possible following the accident. This can include taking photos of your vehicle, the accident scene, your injuries, and the injuries of any passengers from your vehicle. If possible, you should get the names and contact information of any witnesses at the scene.

One thing you should not do is speak with any representative’s from the trucking company, their insurance provider, or their attorneys until you have met with an experienced truck accident lawyer about your situation.

Who Is Liable if a Truck Tire Blowout Hits My Car?

Truck drivers, trucking companies, and tire manufacturers can often be to blame for truck accidents involving tire blowouts. Truckers and trucking companies are responsible for ensuring that the tires on their tractor-trailer trucks are safe to drive on. This includes monitoring tread depth and inflation levels. If they discover problems with the tires on one of their trucks, they need to have the issue resolved before taking that truck back out on the road.

If truckers and/or trucking companies fail to make sure the tires on their trucks are safe or they fail to repair unsafe tires before the truck is allowed back on the road, they may be held liable if that truck has a tire blowout that causes a truck accident.

In addition to truck drivers and trucking companies, tire manufacturers must ensure that their tires are safe to drive on. If a faulty tire resulted in a tire blowout that led to a truck accident, the tire manufacturer may be held responsible for any damages or injuries that result from the tractor-trailer wreck.

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