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How Can I Prove a Truck Driver Fell Asleep While Driving?


Believing something to be true and proving something to be true are two very different things. One example of this is if you are involved in a truck accident and you believe the trucker involved in the wreck was at fault because he fell asleep while driving. Proving that another driver caused an accident because they fell asleep at the wheel is no easy task.

Tips for Proving a Trucker Fell Asleep While Driving

If it is just your word against the trucker’s, it can be difficult to prove that a truck driver fell asleep while driving. However, there are often other ways that you can prove a trucker fell asleep at the wheel, including:

  • Witnesses – In some cases, other drivers, passengers, or pedestrians may have seen the trucker asleep behind the wheel prior to the wreck. However, even if they didn’t see the driver sleeping, they may have seen signs that he had fallen asleep before the crash, such as noticing the driver fighting not to fall asleep, the truck drifting into other lanes or off the road on multiple occasions, or several instances of the truck swerving.
  • Logs – Truckers must keep driver logs while working. In addition, truck drivers are only supposed to drive for a certain amount of time before they must take a break and get sleep for a certain amount of time. If a driver’s logs show that they had been driving for more than 14 hours straight without a break, it is more than likely the driver was drowsy driving prior to the accident.
  • Receipts – If the driver logs do not indicate that a driver has been violating hours of service regulations, their receipts from their trip might. Receipts from weigh stations, toll booths, and gas stops could show that the driver was skipping sleep breaks and continuing to drive despite being tired.
  • Black Box – Like airplanes, tractor-trailer trucks have black boxes that record operational data. This information can help prove a trucker was asleep at the time of a truck accident. For example, if the black box data shows that the trucker did not try to swerve to avoid the crash or apply the brakes prior to the collision, that could indicate that the truck driver was asleep prior to the wreck.
  • Driver-Facing Camera – Many trucks do not have driver-facing cameras, but those that do can provide the most definitive proof available. If a driver-facing camera records video of the trucker sleeping behind the wheel at the time of the crash, that could be all the proof you need.

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