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Could Underride Carriage Guards Prevent Deadly Truck Accidents?

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Recently, a News 4 Jacksonville report shed light on the dangers of underride crashes and how adding underride carriage guards to tractor-trailer trucks could help prevent truck accident fatalities. The article highlights the stories of grieving family members who have lost loved ones in underride truck accidents. They understand better than most how game-changing it would be if we could ensure all tractor-trailer trucks come equipped with underride carriage guards.

That’s why, according to the report, many of these families have teamed up with Florida lawmakers to create a law that makes underride carriage guards a standard feature on trucks. This could help prevent fatal underride truck accidents.

What Is an Underride Truck Accident?

An underride truck accident occurs when a car or pickup truck collides with the rear or side of a tractor-trailer truck and slides under the semi-truck during the collision. These types of truck crashes often result in the top of passenger vehicles being cut off and the driver and passengers in the vehicle losing their lives.

How Do Underride Carriage Guards Help Prevent Truck Accident Deaths?

Underride carriage guards can help prevent fatal truck accidents because they provide a barrier that prevents passenger vehicles from sliding under trucks during rear or side collisions. Rear underride guards also include stopping blocks which are there to prevent the front end of vehicles from sliding under a truck during a crash.

Underride carriage guards also provide a structure to absorb the impact of collisions. Without them, a car or pickup truck’s bumper has nothing to collide with and can’t help absorb the impact of the crash. When bumpers are able to crash into underride guards, it allows them to absorb the force of the impact, which can help prevent the wreck from causing as much devastation to the passenger vehicle as it otherwise would have.

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Losing someone you love is never easy. It is especially hard if their loss was preventable. In many cases, tractor-trailer accidents only happen because of a truck driver’s or trucking company’s negligence. There’s no excuse for this, and families who’ve lost loved ones in preventable truck crashes deserve justice.

At Rash Mueller, we have been fighting for the rights of tractor-trailer truck accident victims and their families for years. We know how to take on trucking companies, their insurers, and their armies of lawyers and win. Our experienced truck accident lawyers can protect your rights and help you bring those responsible for your pain and suffering to justice, including securing compensation for hospital bills, loss of income, rehabilitation costs, and funeral expenses.

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