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What is “Popcorn Lung” & How Is It Related to Dangerous Drug Lawsuits?

You may have heard the term “popcorn lung” in recent years, which has been associated with the current vaping craze. Popcorn lung is a rare form of disease known as bronchiolitis obliterans. This disease affects what are known as the bronchioles, that are the small airways in the lungs. The disease results in inflaming, scarring, and constricting these small passages that can then result in such symptoms as shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, fatigue, pneumonia, skin irritation, and more. Popcorn lung can be caused by breathing in toxic fumes or substances, which are commonly found in e-cigarettes and done through vaping.

Popcorn lung was given its distinctive label when a doctor in 2000 found that eight people who had formerly worked in a microwave popcorn factor developed this rare disease of bronchiolitis obliterans. Out of the eight, four required lung transplants. An investigation into the matter resulted in findings that the lung damage was caused by a vapor that the workers had breathed in. The vapor was from the popcorn buttery flavor. The culprit in the butter flavor turn out to be a chemical called diacetyl.

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More About Vaping & Lawsuits

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported as of February 2020, that more than 2,800 cases of vaping-associated lung injury (EVALI) have occurred in the U.S. Another 68 individuals have died from such injuries. According to the CDC, lab reports link the disease to additives found in THC vaping products. Furthermore, a 2015 study show that diacetyl and/or other toxic chemicals were found in 90 percent of e-cigarettes. This indicates that those who vape may be opening themselves up to the development of popcorn lung by inhaling these toxic substances on a regular basis.

In 2004, a factory worker at popcorn manufacturing plant in Missouri was awarded $20 million for his lung damage that occurred. In 2012, a Colorado man who also brought a lawsuit against a microwave butter-flavored popcorn manufacturer and retailers was awarded seven million dollars in damages. That man was not a factory worker but someone who had eaten two bags of the popcorn every day for a decade. He developed the disease due to the many years he had inhaled the toxic smell of the artificial flavor.

Do You Have a Case?

Currently, no cure exists for popcorn lung. It can be managed through different treatments but it is still thought of as life-threatening and can be fatal. E-cigarettes commonly use flavorings in their products that are made with diacetyl. If you believe your health has been harmed by toxic chemicals from these products, you may have grounds for a legal claim.

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