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Coronavirus Lawsuits Against Princess Cruise Lines Incoming Following Shipwide COVID-19 Outbreak

close up of Diamond Princess cruise ship with lifeboats

Last month, we wrote about the alarming spread of the coronavirus onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship and the questionable quarantine conditions subsequently suffered by the crew and passengers. Since March 1, the day everyone—including the crew—was finally able to disembark from the ill-fated ship, the number of lawsuits against operator Princess Cruise Lines has been steadily increasing.

As of today, five lawsuits have been filed and more are likely on the way. The main grievance cited on the claims is that Princess Cruise Lines knew as early as February 1 that a former passenger tested positive for the virus yet continued to allow passengers to board. The quarantine did not begin until February 4. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released investigation findings highlighting some of the major failures of the quarantine efforts.

The Diamond Princess wasn’t the only Princess Cruise Lines ship affected by COVID-19.

Another lawsuit has been brought against the company for the spread of the coronavirus throughout the Grand Princess cruise ship docked in San Francisco. The virus spread through the ship starting in February—some passengers and crew members remain on board. The lawsuit cites “gross negligence” and asks for more than $1 million in damages. It may also be the first among many filed by disgruntled Grand Princess passengers considering the situation there is ongoing.

We will continue to post updates on our blog as more information on this ongoing situation is released.

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