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Florida Medical Malpractice “Crisis” Case Dropped

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Last December, we wrote about a medical malpractice “crisis” which was established in 2000 but called into question by Florida Supreme Court rulings from 2014 and 2017. In October 2019, a wrongful death lawsuit involving a woman named Romana Reyes was thought to be the case that would overturn the 2000 ruling and end the “crisis” issue. However, earlier this month the case was dropped.

Attorneys for plaintiffs Sandra Santiago and Norma Caceres, Romana Reyes’ adult children, filed a notice of voluntary dismissal of the case earlier this month. They did not explain the reasoning and no other information is currently available.

The “crisis” was allegedly creating exorbitant insurance costs for doctors and other health providers in wrongful death cases involving non-minor children. Currently, the adult children of deceased medical malpractice victims remain barred from recovering non-economic damages such as pain and suffering from their lawsuits.

Though this issue has been put on hold for now, we will continue to monitor and report any future developments. Keep an eye on our blog for this and other Florida medical malpractice news.

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