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Florida's Next Governor Will Appoint State Supreme Court Justices

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Florida Supreme Court Denies Gov. Scott’s Attempts to Make Judicial Nominations While Leaving Office

Governor Rick Scott will not be permitted to fill three open seats on the Florida Supreme Court on his last day in office, making the race for Florida Governor and even more critical in the battle for ideological dominance on the state’s highest court. After Scott’s September order that the state’s Judicial Nominating Commission begin evaluating candidates and select nominees in November, the Florida Supreme Court determined that doing so was outside Scott’s authority, especially since he would no longer be in office by the issued deadline.

The terms of the justices who must be replaced are set to expire on midnight, January 7, 2019, at the exact moment that Rick Scott must leave office and transfer authority to his successor. The three justices who must be replaced are all thought to be the more moderate judges, making the race for Florida governor even more critical for political groups and voters.

What Does This Action Mean for Floridians?

This ruling by the Florida Supreme Court is critical for Floridians. It signifies the bedrock of our democracy and interest in keeping the courthouse doors open where people access the court and can seek redress through jury trials, or as Thomas Jefferson said “justice by the people.”

Florida voters’ choice for Governor will have a direct impact on the level of constitutionality we will see coming from the bench in the state’s highest court and the protections afforded to citizens who wish to counteract unconstitutional actions and big business within the Florida legal system.

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