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Most Common Preventable Medical Errors


Based on a report by the National Academy of Sciences, medical errors injure millions of Americans preventable medical errorsannually and cost billions of dollars every year in increased health costs. Unfortunately, more than 200,000 people die from preventable medical errors each year.

Statistics Regarding Medical Errors in 2017

LeverageRX compiled data from several malpractice reports and claims and compiled the following medical malpractice statistics :

  • Malpractice payouts totaled over $300 million dollars in 2017
  • 96.5% of medical malpractice claims resulted in a settlement. and 3.5% resulted in a judgement
  • 29.7% of malpractice claims resulted in death
  • Injuries that were permanent made up 18% of malpractice claims in 2017
  • Medical errors related to diagnoses accounted for 34.8% of malpractice claims

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What are the Most Common Preventable Medical Errors?

  • Medication errors – Considered the most common type of medical error, it is also the most preventable. Errors include assigning medication based on inadequate information. They can also occur due to a lack of current warnings, as well as miscommunications based on poor handwriting. To avoid this problem, you must understand what you are taking, how much of it, and what you cannot take.
  • Poor communication – The second most common medical error derives from poor communication between doctor and patient, as well as communication between doctor and other health care providers. With a plethora of patients to watch over, tests to conduct, as well as lab results and patient history’s to review, the possibility of miscommunication occurring is high. It is up to you to help the doctor remember every test you have and information in your medical history.
  • Infection – While we expect hospitals to have important sanitation and hygiene measures, they are actually one of the most likely places to receive an infection. Given the high amounts of people with various infections visiting every day, workers can become contaminated. Be sure to practice effective hygiene and ask your doctor if he or she washed their hands after visiting the last patient.
  • Lab errors – Wrong test results can lead to a wrong diagnosis and wrong treatment, while the initial illness or injury continues to linger. Types of common lab errors include MRI or CT taken incorrectly, samples taken incorrectly, or results misinterpreted. If you believe that your lab results are incorrect, you have the right to ask for another lab test to confirm.
  • Pharmacy errors – According to a report by CNN, 30 million Americans are the victim of outpatient medication errors each year. With dozens of patients each day, pharmacies have the propensity to make errors on your medication. To prevent this type of medical error, know what your doctor prescribed and how much before making a trip to the pharmacy.

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