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Florida Medical Malpractice Cases Are Getting Expensive


Aon Risk Solutions and the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management have conducted a nationwide survey to determine which states tend to favor plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases. The data they gathered showed that Florida, more than any other state in the country, rewarded higher amounts to plaintiffs that did win their cases. The national average was $242,000 and Florida’s average, listed for 2014, was $299.800. Overall, settling or defending a claim in Florida was nearly 3 times higher than the national average, when considering payout amounts and frequency of payouts. An online article published by the Weston Business Journal can be viewed by clicking here.

For Worse or For Better?

Aon Global Risk Consulting believes that this higher average is damaging healthcare within the state. An executive at the company stated that doctors and practitioners were being incentivized to open their clinics or seek employment outside of Florida, where they were less likely to lose a lawsuit in case something goes wrong. It was also claimed that doctors would order more and more redundant tests to ensure that their diagnoses were accurate; more tests mean more costs, and that could mean more money out of the patient’s own pocket.

On the other hand, it can be pointed out that there is no downside to accurate diagnoses, even if it means double-checking test results. If higher payouts to medical malpractice claim plaintiffs pave the way for less incidents of malpractice by making doctors be more careful, is there a downside at all? The idea that someone injured by a doctor that negligently harmed them deserves maximum compensation is not radical or inflammatory. It is simply backing the notion that the average patient deserves protection from wrongful acts and practices. After everything is said and done, everyone should be able to agree that patient safety must always be a priority.

At Rash Mueller., our Miami medical malpractice attorney believes in the importance of protecting the people and their rights by pursuing proper compensation each and every time they are hurt by a negligent doctor, nurse, or surgeon. If you live in Florida and believe you have a malpractice case on your hands, call us at 954.914.7116 and request your free initial consultation, during which we may be able to tell you if you have grounds for a lawsuit.

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